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Totectors x Mental Health

Our industry has one of the highest number of suicides in the UK and sadly, signficantly more than the next. Totectors X Mates In Mind want to change this. We want to work towards improving those statistics that can affect us, our families, our friends and our colleagues. You can be part of the change, you can be part of the team.

Who is Mates in Mind?

Mates in Mind is a foundation that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of work places across the UK. They do so by providing the skills, clarity and cofidence to employers on how to raise awareness, improve understanding and address the stigma of mental ill-health within the workplace.

Did you know that …

A third of construction workers live with severe levels of anxiety. Drivers of work lift trucks had a suicide rate 85% higher than the national average. Van drivers were noted to have a rate 25% higher.

The mental health of self-employed construction workers and those working in smallfirms show that intense workloads, financial problems, poor work-life balance and Covid-19 pressures on the supply of materials are combining to signficantly raise stress and anxiety levels to severe levels. Check this YouTube video to see a colleague talking about this.

These and more learnings are generated by Mates in Mind and create awareness about this important topic. But Mates in Minds also comes up with several solutions, like an apprentice program. You can read more about it on

Why are we a partner?

As a brand, Totectors products aim at offering physical protection. But there is more than just protecting your feet. So we fully agree with Mates in Mind when they’re saying “there is no health without mental health”. Therefore, if we can helpMates in Mind, then we are proud to do so.

How does Totectors help?

We think Mates in Mind has the knowledge and skills to raise awareness and bring support to those who need it. So we want to help Mates in Mind financially, so they can keep doing what they do best.



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